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The values that are important to you as a person are the basis on which you make decisions and how you treat others. As an organization we also have certain ways of thinking and behaviour that we find important. These values are the basis on which we interact with each other and the people around us.

How we think and behave.


We think in opportunities to create outstanding solutions



Together with our products and approach we play a leading role in the market. We are definable in our ability to innovate and focus on our clients. We are constantly looking for opportunities and utilise every possibility to live up to our standards. Leading means for us to be the best in all aspects of our profession. Now and in the future.


We build long term relations and take responsibility for our actions

We are transparent in who we are and how we work, and we take responsibility for our actions. We guarantee a reliable and professional approach towards all parties concerned. This is reflected through long professional relationships, a solid distributors network and our social and environmental responsibility. This is important to us and forms the basis upon which we operate.


Our success is driven by knowledge and personal development

We are very much aware of our qualities and we continuously strive to improve these.  Developing and sharing our personal expertise is the solid base on which we grow. Issues that arise are either solved or prevented. We take nothing for granted. The challenge to improve and progress in our line of business is our principal goal, again and again.



We are dedicated to reach our goals

We are ambitious in setting our strategy and goals. We have all the expertise to make the correct decisions and are thorough in the making of solid plans. We have a clear vision and this enables us to make the right choices. We are dedicated to reach our goals and are very much focused on the end result. This is what counts.