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Developing varieties and knowledge for consumers and supply chain partners

Foresight is crucial in breeding. Developing a new potato still takes ten years. Therefore, we do consumer research, we talk extensively with customers and follow other sectors. Then we develop varieties that meet the needs of consumers and our partners by advanced data-driven breeding techniques.

Plant breeding can involve taste experience, health or convenience, but also agronomic conditions such as drought, heat and salinity. Besides the best yield for the grower, we focus on reducing the environmental impact by for example pesticides.

Ready for the future

Our specialists use the latest technology. The research groups Quality, Plant Pathology and Molecular Biology are supported by colleagues in Biometrics and Bioinformatics. Our research breeders and affiliated growers test the new varieties on a large number of trial fields in various climate zones. Together we keep the variety portfolio of HZPC strong, healthy and ready for the future.

Responsible work

Because we believe that every human being has a right to adequate and healthy food, we are very aware and responsible with our work. For instance there is no genetic modification. Read our NON-GMO declaration>