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WOKSI® is another healthy and tasty potato concept in which the potato is processed into ready-to-eat freshly cooled potato strips, which can be used, among other things, for stir-frying. A healthy, relatively low caloric meal can therefore be prepared quickly and easily compared to rice and pasta, which is ideal for conscious and busy consumers.

Under the name Woksi® tests are currently being carried out with a potato product that is processed into a type of spaghetti or noodles. Woksi® can be prepared in the wok, or used in salads, for example. HZPC has patented Woksi® and sees opportunities for large-scale production and sales. However, we do not intend to take on production ourselves, and are therefore seeking to cooperate with another chain partner. After all, we are expanding the potato’s marketing and application possibilities.

Woksi's highlights

  • Revolutionary potato concept
  • Create new sales channels
  • Retain young generations for potato consumption
  • Collaboration with a major European processor
  • This concept is currently being introduced to the European market